The Multivista Task Manager is an integrated task management tool which allows project team members to create, assign, and update tasks at the project level. With the MultivistaTask Manager upgrade, clients can improve their existing processes by identifying, communicating, resolving, and virtually verifying completed work. All of the tools required to build and maintain a better project are available within the Multivista Documentation Software (MDS) platform.

Task List Types

The Multivista Task Manager consists of 3 lists designed to support our clients at various phases of a building’s lifecycle. These lists can be activated before, during, or after the Multivista documentation process. The 3 task lists are as follows:

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control List (QA/QC List) – is designed to manage tasks during construction. This list is typically used to address any issues that arise during the build or development process.

  • Punch List – is designed to manage tasks during the turnover process. Our clients typically use this list to address any issues that arise at the closeout of construction activities, or during the transition to operations and maintenance (O & M).

  • Facilities Management List (FM List) – is designed to manage tasks during O&M. Our clients typically use this list to address any facilities management related issues while the building is fully operational.

Task Manager - List Types

The Multivista Task Manager is fully supported on both the Desktop and Multivista Mobile App platforms. Permissions to access the Task Manager can be issued individually to users on your Multivista project, and authorized users can create any number of tasks per active task list.


Multivista Punch List - Desktop


Multivista Punch List - Mobile

Task List Fields

The following fields can specified for any task:

  • Task Description (Required) - A text description of the work to be performed. Example: Adjust door swing

  • Task Item Status (Required) - The overall status of the task item. This status is typcially managed by the creator of the task item. Open, Closed or On Hold

  • Work Status (Required) - The current state of the actual physical work required to complete the task. This status is typically managed by the assignee of the task item. Not Started, In Progress, Complete, On Hold

  • Assignees (Required) - The person(s) to whom the task is assigned. Tasks can be assigned to users within the Multivista system as well as 'custom users' who do not have a Multivista login

  • Category (Required) - The category or type of task. Users can select between a collection of default categories as well as create their own custom categories. Each category has both a descriptive name as well as an abbreviation. Example: Drywall (DW)

  • Task Due Date (Required) - The date by which the task is to be completed. Colors and notifications are issued when tasks become overdue

  • Location - A text description of the location of the task. Example: Unit 101

  • Alternate ID - A user defined field where one can add an external reference ID to facitilate synchronization with third party systems

  • Task 'followers' – users who will be notified of task activity

Supplementary Task Content

Authorized task creators and assignees can associate the following documentation and other Multivista-hosted content to a task:

  • Multivista supplied images

  • User-added images

  • Locations markers or 'Pins' on project floor plans

  • User-added files

Authorized task creators, assignees, and followers can also add contribute to a comment thread associated with a given task. Comments can be private to the user, public to all project team members, or directed to a specific subset of project users.

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