August 2020

New Webcam User Interface

We have released an update to our Webcam user interface with faster page loading, updated crisp and responsive PTZ controls and streamlined options for finding the content that is important to you.

May 2020

Advanced Webcam Monitoring

Monitor your webcams for worker physical distancing, PPE and other safety issues. Using combination of trained analysts coupled with the latest in machine learning algorithms, Multivista now offers Advanced Webcam Monitoring services in all of our markets. Receive weekly summary reports indicating the nature of observations along with photos marked up to reveal location and type of observation. Contact us today for more information.

April 2020

Mobile Webcam Live Streaming

We have implemented a new low latency streaming protocol into our Mobile app to bring responsive, high frame rate video onto your phone or tablet. See what is happening on your site in real time in stunning clarify with less delay than ever before.

March 2020

360 Photos

Experience Multivista's new 360 Photo service with our integrated 360 Photo viewer. Navigate immersive panoramas captured at your preferred frequency with simultaneous location reference and all of the rich integration features you have come to expect from Multivista. Or upload your own 360 photos to supplement the documentation we provide. Use inertial navigation within the mobile app to view historical conditions synchronized with what you are seeing in the field. Support your RFI, Pay Apps and other construction workflows with the timely, high quality visual documentation.

February 2020

UAV Floorplan Overlays

Overlay plans onto Multivista captured UAV maps. Compare design intent and actual field conditions in real time for slabs, roofs and earthwork.

September 2019

New Photo Viewer

Multivista’s sleek new photo viewer provides a large customizable viewing area, superior floor plan navigation, and faster image loading for more efficient workflows. Flip between full-screen images or try out the new split-screen mode for advanced floor plan interaction. Navigate a simplified user interface with lightning-fast image load times for maximum efficiency. Use the new photo viewer to calculate in-image measurements in seconds on Multivista 3D Images.

July 2019

Language Regionalization

Recognizing that we have customers in countries across the globe, our desktop and mobile applications are now supported in various languages including: English, Spanish, German and Chinese. Update your language preferences under My Account | Preferences and Settings | Language Preferences

June 2020

3D Laser Scanning via TruView

In partnership with our sister company, Leica Geosystems, Multivista is happy to announce the release of our TruView integration for viewing and working with your 3D Laser Scanning data. Multivista scanning technicians perform Lidar scanning of you site and then we integrate the rich immersive panorama imagery and point cloud data right into our web-based portal. See your scan data indexed to floorplan location for easy navigation and perform fast, accurate measurements with mm accuracy. Contact us to learn more about our 3D Laser Scanning program today.

April 2019

Measurable 3D Images

Multivista’s measurable 3D Images give users the ability to remotely measure length and depth with high levels of accuracy. Powered by the professional-grade BLK3D Imager from our sister company, Leica Geosystems, these highly accurate measurable images document critical infrastructure with unprecedented precision.

March 2019

H5Live Webcam Live Stream

Updated webcam live stream protocol that results in more reliable connection, clearer image and smoother motion. Supported across a wide range of browsers with no need for plugins (Flash).

December 2018

Client Notifications

Multivista customers currently receive notifications when new photos are uploaded to a project or when Task List items are interacted with. Notifications are conveyed, according to user preference, via the following channels:

  • Email notifications

  • Alerts in the Notifications area within the desktop and mobile app

  • ​Mobile push notifications

New events that will also trigger notifications now include:

User Tagging

  • Users can tag or mention other Multivista project users within a Comment thread using the familiar ‘@user’ tagging convention. Upon being tagged, a Notification is sent to that user via standard (above mentioned) notification channels

  • Tagging a user in a comment thread ties the user to the thread such that they will receive notification of any future comments on the given photo. This is referred to as ‘Following’ a photo or thread.

  • User tagging is currently supported in desktop environments only


Various objects that a user interacts with can be ‘followed’. By following, the user ensures that that they will be notified of any subsequent activity involving the given item. The following objects can be followed:

  • Photos – by commenting on any project photo, the user is automatically following the given comment thread. They will be notified of subsequent comments on the photo.

  • Pushpins – A ‘Followers’ tab (desktop only) on Pushpins allows users to follow any given pushpin, or alternatively initiate other project users to follow the Pushpin. Photos or files subsequently added to the pushpin will trigger notifications to users following the pushpin

  • Albums – A ‘Followers’ dialogue (desktop only) on albums allows users to cause other project users to follow the Album. Any subsequent photos added to the album will trigger notifications to users following the Album


Multivista integrates with a variety of the premiere software suites used within the construction industry. As of the current release, integrations are supported with the following platforms:

  • Construction Project Management Software
    1. ProcoreOracle
    2. Aconex (NEW)
    3. PlanGrid (NEW)

  • Construction Document Collaboration Software
    1. Bluebeam Revu (NEW)
    2. Autodesk BIM360 Docs (NEW)

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software
    1. Autodesk Revit
    2. Autodesk Navisworks

Integrations with Construction Project Management and/or Document Collaboration Software is achieved by enabling a Multivista user to export content from the Multivista environment to their project within the respective integration partner. Multivista supports exporting the following Multivista objects:

  • Photos

  • 4-View PDFs

  • Hotspotted Floorplan PDFs

New integration partners as part of the current release include:

Oracle Aconnex

Orcale Aconnex is a cloud-based construction project management suite calling itself‘The world's most trusted construction management platform, connecting project teams & processes.’Mutual customers can leverage the integration to export any of the supported Multivista export objects to Aconex to create and/or update the following Aconnex objects:

  • Documents (Create only) – Export Multivista content to create any Aconex document type including: Drawings, Submittals, Photos, Schedule and others.

  • Mail (Create & Update) – Export Multivista content to create and/or update any available Aconex Mail type including: RFIs, Quality, Observations, and others.


The Multivista-Aconnex integration can be customized on a per-project basis. Upon client request, Multivista administrators limit the integration to specific Aconnex Document or Mail types, so clients can precisely control which Aconnex record types can be accessed via the integration.

Supported Platforms

  • Multivista Desktop & Mobile


Plangrid is a mobile construction management software giving builders real-time access to blueprints, punch lists, daily reports, submittals and more. Any of the supported Multivista export objects can be pushed to Plangrid to create a PDF or JPG record inside a Multivista folder within the Plangrid Documents area

Supported Platforms

  • Multivista Desktop & Mobile

Bluebeam® Revu®

Bluebeam Revu is Bluebeam Revu is an end-to-end digital workflow and collaboration solution designed for the architecture, engineering and construction industries. Any of the supported Multivista export objects can be pushed to Bluebeam Revu to create a PDF or JPG record within the Bluebeam Files area

Supported Platforms

  • Multivista Desktop

Autodesk BIM360 Docs

BIM360 Docs is the Autodesk solution for construction document management.BIM360 Docs users can instantly and easily share plans, punchlists, submittals, take-offs and other construction documents.Any of the supported Multivista export objects can be pushed to BIM360 Docs to create a PDF or JPG record inside a Multivista folder within the BIM 360 Docs Project Files area

Supported Platforms

  • Multivista Desktop

September 2018

  • Full public release of the Multivista UAV Mapping service. Experience 2D and 3D, visual and spatial datasets derived from aerial photos captured with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

  • Acconex, BIM360 integrations (Beta)

  • Updates to Procore integration

August 11, 2018

  • Updated Photo Tab: From the Photos tab, quickly navigate photos by selecting the new thumbnail of any shoot date from a collapsible photo bar on the right side of the screen. Or, collapse both the left and ride side bars for maximum viewing area.From the thumbnail view, quickly download any image without having to open the photo viewer.

  • Large Batch Photo Operations: Use the radio buttons to save, print, or create an album with an unlimited number of photos from one or more shoot dates or shoot types. Plus, export up to 10 images, email up to 25 images, or add comments to up to 100 images at a time.

  • Floorplan Badges: Quickly review a summary of user-defined pins and comments from the Floorplans tab to identify areas of increased user-activity

  • Suggest an Idea: Share additional software improvement ideas with Multivista's support personnel using the new "Suggest an Idea" form, accessible in the Help section of the MDS, alongside the Support Center and Inline Help guide.

  • HTML5 Live Stream Webcam: Enjoy reduced latency, especially with PTZ controls, and fewer support and compatibility issues with the more reliable and universal HTML5 webcam viewer.

May 5, 2018

  • Site-Walk 360 Screenshots - From within SW360 you can now capture snapshots of your immersive walkthrough from any where. Add your Site-Walk 360º content to specific albums, create PDFs, supplement punch list entries or even export to Procore with a click of button

April 6, 2018

Procore Integration Updates

  •  RFI Creation: Create a Procore RFI directly in Multivista Desktop and Mobile

  • Punchlist Record Creation: Create a Procore Punchlist Record directly in Multivista Desktop and Mobile

  • Comment Creation: When a user exports an image or 4-View to Procore a Multivista Photo, searchable comment is automatically created for that Multivista Photo.

  • Album Creation – Personal Album not a Project Team Album: When a user exports an image or 4-View to Procore a ‘Procore’ album is automatically created in the Photos Tab with the content exported to Procore. Now users have a history of what they have sent to Procore tied with the searchable comments that are created automatically

March 16, 2018

UAV Mapping exports functionality

  • Export images and CAD files from within the Multivista UAV Mapping program

January 19, 2018

  • UAV Mapping Beta release including mobile

November 28, 2017

  • Procore integration

November 23, 2017

  • Redirect for offline webcams to include default archive position

  • Fix bug with varying "home" position names, fix bug where camera takes photo if zoom is correct (but not pan/tilt)

  • Quicker detection of high latency webcams to enable archive/timelapse buttons

  • Handle connection timeout on PTZ Preset coordinate request

November 16, 2017

  • Webcam Multi-Position Archive

September 22 2017

  • Fix filter bug for touchscreen (punchlist, floorplan)

  • Allow 4ViewPDF photos argument to be supplied by query string

  • Fix project logo in project selector in client navigation

  • Webcam Grid View: add ProjectUID to webcam selection/storage for cases where user is joined to multiple projects with the same camera joined

  • Fix pushpin photo query (mobile)

September 13 2017

  • Webcam Global Grid View. See all webcams from across all projects in a single view

August 11 2017

  • Sitewalk 360 floorplan navigator functionality.

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