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How do sharing permissions work?
How do sharing permissions work?
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Sharing permissions work in conjunction with the authentication and authorization system of the MDS to determine who gets to see what content for a given project. The first thing to understand is that we draw a distinction between content which Multivista generates versus ‘Custom’ content which you and the rest of your colleagues or ‘Project Team’ add to the documentation. Multivista content includes floorplans, hotspots, photos, webcam feeds and archived webcam photos. In contrast, custom content includes comments, albums, custom hotspots, user uploaded files and user uploaded photos.
 In its simplest expression, there are 4 conditions which are evaluated to determine what you can see and do on a project.

  • Is the user logged in?

  • Does the user have permission to see this project?

If a user passes both of these tests, then they are able to see all Multivista generated content within the project. Further evaluations are made to determine whether a user can see custom content which you, the client have added:

  • For this project does the user have permission to Write custom content, just Read custom content or have No Access to custom content?

  • For the custom content object in question, is the object shared with the whole Project Team, shared with a Custom group of selected members of the project team, or shared with Only Me/ Private?  Note that these sharing permissions are visually indicated by the following icons

  1. Visible to the entire Project Team

  2. Visible to a Custom list of people from the project team

  3. Visible to Only Me

The outcome of these tests determines whether the user will be able to see the custom content.

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