In the context of UAV Mapping, Cutting and Filling refers to leveling a site by cutting down the high part of the site and filling the lower part until a level area is achieved.

Cut refers to the volume one would have to remove from the area (a pile) to flatten it (i.e., you're cutting off the pile).

Fill corresponds to the volume one would have to haul in, to "fill" a hole, to flatten the area.

When using Volume annotations in the Multivista Mapping environment, both Cut and Fill volumes are automatically shown on the map. The actual Volume measurement calculation is Volume = Cut - Fill.

Cut and Fill

In addition, when selecting the volume make sure to choose the correct Base Plane. The two base-plane options supported in the Multivista Mapping environment are Best Fit and Lowest Point. The graphic below illustrates the difference between the two methods.

A Lowest Point base plane calcuation allows you to measure the volume of benches or stockpiles on flat ground with walls or neighbouring piles easily.

A Best Fit base plane is more suited for stand-alone features

Base Plane Selection
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