Multivista UAV Mapping is a service and associated cloud-based deliverable that provides enhanced 2D and 3D, visual and spatial datasets derived from aerial photos captured with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Multivista's UAV Pilot-In-Command fly a programmed route over the customer's site capturing large numbers (ranging from several hundred to a few thousand) of nadir and oblique photos of the area of interest - typically the entire construction site. The information from the collection of images are combined together using a technique known as 'photogrammetry' to yield a variety of output formats including orthomosiac maps and 3D elevation models. Multivista has partnered with DroneDeploy, the leading drone software platform, to perform the cloud-based photogrammetry processing.
 The Multivista UAV Mapping service offers the following deliverables through the MDS:

  • A geo-referenced, 2D orthomosiac map image shown against a satellite or street base map. Orthomosiac resolution can be as high as X pixels per inch. Orthomosiac information can include either Imagery, Elevation Heat Maps, or Plant Health Maps

  • A 3D model shown through a viewer that enables the user to pan, rotate and zoom a colored 3D rendering of the site

 The 2D orthomosiac viewer supports the following features and workflows:

  • Selection of which map set to view by date

  • The ability to select from an Orthomosiac, Elevation or Plant Health mapping layer and vary the opacity of the layer

  • The ability to select a Satellite, Street, or Hybrid base map layer

  • The ability to toggle on/off elevation Contour Lines with selectable color, line style, interval and opacity

  • Various annotation and measurement tools including:
    - Location annotations which indicate local Elevation, Slope, Latitude and Longitude
    - Distance annotations which indicate Distance along a line, End Point Latitude and Longitude and a visual representation of the Elevation Profile of the selected line
    - Multi-Point distance annotations which indicates segment and total Distances along a series of line segments
    - Area annotations that show the Perimeter and projected Area of a given polygon area
    - Volume measurements that show the Perimeter, projected Area, Cut Volume and Fill Volume of a given area
    - All annotations support the following features and attributes: The ability set title, color, visibility and sharing permissionsImperial or metric units
    - Creating a copy of the given annotation on the current map
    -The ability to import / export annotations between map dates

  • Generate a PDF report showing the map, and selected annotations and summary information

  • Create a screen capture of a portion of the map for use in Multivista photo workflows such as annotating, commenting, saving to computer or albums or exporting to integration partners

  • Create exports for download of varying map projections and resolutions in following formats:
    - 3D Model: OBJ
    - Elevation Model: GeoTIFF, JPG, Raw Elevation Values (DEM), Shapefile, Contour DXF (Autocad), Contour SHP (Shapefile)
    - Plant Health Model: GeoTIFF, JPG, Shapefile
    - Orthomosiac: GeoTIFF, JPG
    - Point Cloud: LAS, XYZ

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