In the most common scenario, when a Task Item is created, it is assigned to a user who already has a Multivista account. However, the situation may arise where work needs to be assigned to a user who does not (yet) have a Multivista login. Custom assignees allow one to handle the scenario.
 It should be noted that custom assignees will not receive notifications of any Task Items assigned to them, nor are the able to interact with the Task Item in any way. If you wish to have a login issued for the Custom Assignee, contact your local Multivista Project Implementation Manager and they can help issue the required credentials.


  1. In the Assign Task Item dialogue, click on 'Create Custom'

  2. Add the Custom Assignee's First Name (required), Last Name and Email.  Although Custom Assignee's do not receive email notifications, it is useful for your Multivista Project Implementation Manager to have this information should the need arise to issue credentials to this person.

  3. Click 'Save'


This feature is not yet supported on the Mobile App

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