Task Manager permissions can be controlled on an individual user basis. Once your Multivista Project Implementation Manager has activated the Task Manager for your project, you can work with them in order to configure the permissions appropriately for each individual who has access to the project


  1. Click on the 'People' tab to see who has access to the project overall and who specifically has access to the Task Manager.

  2. People with a check in the Task List 'Access' column will be able to see, create and edit any task items in the project.  The only restriction with this permission level is that users will only be able to change the Task Status on Task Items which they created.

  3. People with check in the Task List 'Status' column, are able to do everything that those users with 'Access' can, however they can also change  the Task Status on any Task Item, regardless of who created it.

  4. When selecting assignees for a task, all project users are available to assign Tasks to.  However, any user who does not have permission to access the Task Manager will be flagged with a note saying the user 'lacks permissions'.

  5. You can click on the 'Fix' button to issue a request (5a) to Multivista Support in order to have the user's permissions ammended.

  6. Any comments or user added photos which are joined to a Task Item have sharing permissions which are managed separately from the Task Item item itself.  The standard sharing options (Project Team, Private and Custom) are available for comments and photos

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