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How does the Single Sign On integration work?
How does the Single Sign On integration work?
Written by Scott Effler
Updated over a week ago

Multivista supports SAML 2.0 for Single Sign On to our application. Once setup with instructions below, the user interaction functions as follows:

  1. Navigate to Multivista in the browser as usual and click the "LOG IN AS PARTNER" link. Do not fill in the USER NAME and PASSWORD fields on this page.

  2. Fill in the PARTNER field with the name of your organization and click CONTINUE. This name will usually be your email domain, but can be customized by Multivista on request.

  3. Your organization's login screen will appear if you are not already logged in. On first login to Multivista, your user will be created in Multivista and you may be required to provide additional information. You will automatically be granted access to projects associated with your Multivista company.

Some tips and tricks for this integration are as follows.

  • If you add "?partner=organization" with the name of your organization at the end of the multivista URL you use, the PARTNER name will be automatically filled in.

  • This interaction is also supported in our mobile application. New users should first login via our web interface in a browser before using the mobile application.

In order to facilitate our integration, we require the following from your IT department to setup and test the interaction.

  • IDP metadata for your authentication platform. Note that your IDP can provide additional information such as email, first name and last name in order for our system to automatically provision this information into our system.

  • Credentials for a test user that we can use to test the integration.

  • The name of the Company in the Multivista system. Your local franchisee representative can likely provide this.

  • The string that a user will type into the Partner field to re-direct to your IDP

Once we receive these items, we can setup the integration in our application and provide you with the SAML SP metadata generated to add to your system to complete the integration. Once setup, we can fully test the integration and validate the same with you on a call, if required.

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